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Our Services

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Our Services

Vehicle Shipping Group only uses dependable carriers that we have pre-screened and carefully selected for the transportation of your vehicle.

Vehicle Shipping Group Brokerage

Vehicle Shipping Group enjoys access to an extensive network of the best transportation providers in the industry today.  Our VSG solutions let us handle any type of load, delivered to any destination. We can reliably provide cost-effective transportation in even the most adverse market conditions, during any season, for any industry.

Open Transport

This is the most common way you will see vehicles being transported on the roads today. Open transport is a more cost efficient method of shipping and roughly 90% of vehicles are moved this way.


Enclosed Transport

Need to move an antique or unique vehicle? Need it show ready upon arrival? If so, enclosed transport is the best route for your vehicle travel needs. The cost is higher but the protection is worth it! The vehicle will be shielded from rain, hail, snow, and other natural elements.

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